Terms and Conditions, refound policy

Joomtv is a Logikamente project. The project owner is Logikamente an Italian software agency.
Logikamente does not offer refunds for purchased products. Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software and software licenses can be easily duplicated. Once we have distributed a release version to the customer, the sale is final, and you may not return the software for a refund or credit. Please be cautious and make sure you know what you are purchasing.
Under no circumstances Logikamente will provide refunds on "your software is not what I need" basis.
Finding a bug in our products is not a reason for a refund. If you do find bugs, please report them so that we can fix them.
In the event of a mistake purchase, please report this to our billing department using our contact form. In order to evaluate our product, please test them on our demo server. If you are uncertain of a specific feature, please ask a presale question or read the product documentation.

Logikamente reserves the right to approve refunds in the following cases ONLY:

  • upgrade to a different license type of the same product within 30 days of the purchase date
  • product purchase error if the product was NOT downloaded

Refunded amount is subjected to the following rules:

  • if the amount is below 69,00 EUR, 4.95 EUR is retained
  • if the amount is above 149,00 EUR, 15% of the total amount is retained

For all other issues that don't fall into the categories above, please contact our billing department using our contact form.

Support Policy

Support is defined as after-sales service provided by Logikamente in solving software conflicts and usability problems, and in supplying updates and patches for bugs and security holes in the program.

Support Fees and Eligibility
Email support is offered for GOLD, PLATINUM and ENTERPRISE MEMBERSHIP PLAN on 5 working day. For ENTERPRISE MEMBERSHIP PLAN is provided Phone support, 5 working days always. The subscription limits the support to the domain(s) where component installed. You are eligible for support only if you direct your inquiries to Logikamente by completing the form located at this form, or by going to Support and clicking Click here for more assistance on the blue banner  of our website. Any follow-ups and replies are between Logikamente and the subscriber and will not be shared with 3rd parties unless required by law. You are solely responsible for the information you provide in the above mentioned form.
Any other means of communication are not endorsed unless expressly implied.
In particular cases, Logikamente requires access to your Joomla! Administration section or to any other website-related administration sections (including but not limited to: your FTP account, your MySQL database, your hosting control panel) in order to resolve your support inquiry. All information you provide will not be shared with 3rd parties and will only be stored by Logikamente for future references.
As such, we will require direct access to your Joomla! website (your website must be publicly reachable) in order to debug and perform any tests that we deem relevant for determining the malfunctioning of our extensions on your installation. If you cannot meet these requirements, we are not bound to provide support as we cannot determine the cause of your issues.
Your subscription will be immediately activated after we have successfully received your payment. Although payments are usually done instantly or in the following minutes, our payment processor might not accept your payment, in which case Logikamente is not held responsible.

Support Limitation
Support is offered in English or Italian language.
Support is limited to:

  • Help and advice regarding our subscriptions and services;
  • Help regarding usage of our web site's services and features;
  • Help regarding usage of our products;
  • Non-documented issues, tips and tricks regarding our software.
  • Minor changes and alterations to our products in order to work on your Joomla! installation; please note that we reserve the right to refuse any or all modifications of our software;

Support does not include:

  • PHP or any other server-side programming language training; if you wish to modify our products, you are free to do so under the GNU/GPL license. We do not commit to train you or explain any PHP related issues;
  • SQL or any other database language training; if you wish to modify our products, you are free to do so under the GNU/GPL license. We do not commit to train you or explain any SQL related issues;
  • Javascript or any other client-side programming language training; if you wish to modify our products, you are free to do so under the GNU/GPL license. We do not commit to train you or explain any Javascript related issues;
  • CSS and XHTML training;

if you wish to modify our products, you are free to do so under the GNU/GPL license. We do not commit to train you or explain any CSS or XHTML related issues. Browser incompatibilities are Joomla! template related issues. Our products are tested on several browsers (including but not limited to: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Apple Safari, Google Chrome) and they fully comply to their standards.
If you do find any bugs in our products' CSS or XHTML code you are free to report them using any of the above eligible methods of communication;
Alteration or modifications of our products or any other products (Joomla! related or unrelated) to meet a certain need.
We do provide however a series of tutorials and tips on achieving certain functionalities with our products, under our products' documentation.
We offer no support via email or otherwise for installation, customization, administration of Joomla or any other inquiries not directly related to our products.

Support Period
Logikamente is not obligated to provide support, access to downloads or any other services being offered in the subscription beyond the end of the term indicated by your subscription unless you renew your subscription on or before the expiration date by agreement between Logikamente and you.
The "lifetime" of Joom TV is defined by the time in which the product is "active". Products are considered "active" when they are being developed and updated to keep track with the current versions of Joomla!. Logikamente is not obligated to provide support for "end of life" products.
Support is provided Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00 UTC+1 or UTC+2 during Summer.
We guarantee a reply in a maximum of two business days. Business days are: Monday to Friday, except for national Holidays.

Use of the Subscription
Although the number of downloads are not limited, subscriptions can not be shared. Sharing or other methods which allow for multiple, simultaneous downloads (and thereby affect the performance of this website) are strictly forbidden and may result in termination of your subscription.
You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer your subscription to anyone else without prior written consent from Logikamente.
You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of the products, modified or unmodified. All products (components, module and plugins) are property of Logikamente. The products are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.
In no event shall our juridical person be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use the products.
Subscription expiration implies the termination of the support, update (membership details and product source code) and other download specific services.

Product Updates
All of the products are designed for the latest version of Joomla!, but we can give no guarantee, that the products will run with future versions of Joomla!.
Subscribers may use any of the endorsed methods of communication to address any issues related to software versions.
During the subscription time, we do not guarantee any new updates nor do we provide any deadlines or development paths for updates. Update deadlines and development paths are for the private use of Logikamente only and will not be released to the public unless otherwise stated.
However, we do commit on providing a good service for our subscribers and we will do our best to ensure that our products are up to date and functional.

Termination of Service
We reserve the right to terminate your service if the support policy is violated. In the event of the termination of service, you are free to use our products under the grant of the GNU/GPL license but you will not receive support or updates from Logikamente.
We give and expect common courtesy during the application of the support policy. Any foul language will not be tolerated, be it from Logikamente or from the person requesting the service.

Updates and Changes
The Logikamente Support Policies may be updated from time to time and are subject to change at Logikamente's discretion. We reserve the right to modify the Support Policy at any point without prior notice.
Even though this Support Policy is effective for subscribers only, we reserve the right to apply all or any portion of it to non-subscribers.