Welcome to joomtv 6 support area

[ v. 6.x ]

This plugin, if selected into the Joomtv 6 settings, shows the video elements, palimpsests, playlists, lives, by using the player JWplayer.


  • Flash/HTML5 for the maximum visibility on different devices and browsers.
  • Free logo customization.
  • Possibility to choose between 8 ready skins.
  • Insert operation of the next videos list of the playlist, below (horizontal) or on the side (vertical).
  • Shows Youtube videos into it where isn't possible to delete the advertisements and the Youtube's logo on the bottom's right, but it's possible to add your own logo.


Regarding to the RTMP live's quality, it's possible to change it only with paid versions of the JWplayer license (see the official website www.jwplayer.com).

The HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is available only on mobile devices, and not on desktop devices (for Policy reasons of JWplayer license). For mobile devices are available the quality settings (available also with free license).


Player is provided without any license key, you can get one for free here and update it in the plugin.
Access to your Jwplayer plugin via admin control panel ex. http://www.mywebtv.tv/administrator, click on Extensions->Plugin->Joomtv JWPlayer plugin.

The plugin can be configured with:

  • PLAYER SETTINGS , contain the general video player settings like: logo - sharing - skin
  • PLAYLIST LIST SETTINGS, configuration about the playlist next video list.