Welcome to joomtv 6 support area

[ v. 6.x ]

In backend it's possible, by browsing into “Component -> Joomtv 6 -> Palimpsest”, to manage a playlist with planned visualisation.

The palimpsest can be cosidered as a “television channel”. It permits in fact to plan the visualisation of playlists (one for each day). It's possible to manage months or even years of planning.

Every “Palimpsest” element includes: “Title – description -thumb image – category”. Joomtv provides a frontend view of list type or of single element type, and it isn't allowed the frontend modify.


The “Calendar” view, relative to every element, can be viewed by clicking on the button “Edit calendar” located in the palimpsests list. It shows the playlists list and on its flank there is a calendar available with the monthly view; with the drag&drop operation of the playlist from the left column to the calendar we will add it to the palimpsest into the established day. For the delete operation it will be enought to click on the element and to confirm the choice.

As the only one tool accessible from the top's right button, we can delete all the playlists from the palimpsest's calendar.