Welcome to joomtv 6 support area

[ v. 6.x ]

In backend it's possible, by browsing into “Component -> Joomtv 6 -> Playlist”, to manage a video list with planned visualisation.

The playlist is an entity that includes: “Title – description -thumb image – category”. Joomtv provides a frontend playlist view of list type or of single element type, and it isn't allowed the frontend modify.


Every playlist has associated also a daily video list where is possible to insert a sorted list of video/live with a maximum limit of 24 hours, every day the playlist will show the video list as its hourly planning.

You can access to the video list by clicking on the Action button “Edit video list” located in the playlist list view in the administrative area of the component. This view is composed by:

  • A mixed list of On Demand videos or Lives in alphabetic order.
  • An area on the right divided by hours that represents the playlist's planning.

The videos located into the list on the left can be added into this area by using the drag&drop. The first video added establishes also the starting time of the playlist. The videos added later, if they are dropped before the video/group of videos will be setted up as first group's video independently of the drop's position. The videos dropped after the video/group of videos will be appended and the starting time will be calculated automatically. The video dropped above another video will be added immediately after the video on which it was dropped. The playlist has a maximum lenght of 24 hours and the insert operation of a new video makes the time shifting of all next videos. Then can occur the situation when the last videos are deleted because their starting time is after the midnight and then they are excluded from the playlist. The delete operation of a video is allowed with the functions that appears by clicking over it.

For a quicker search operation of video elements there is on the left column a sequence of filters that with the “Search” field allows a quick search/select operation of videos.

Useful tools to manage playlists are available by pressing the Tool button located on the top's right of the window.

Here you will find these functionalities:

  • Deleting the whole playlist's videos.
  • Insert operation of all videos that are showed (the next pages of results are included) by using the current filters, at the beggining will be deleted all the possible list of videos already insered and will be made a new list with the starting time on 00:00. The insert operation doesn't repeat the same video/live before other two different elements, and it works with a select operation of more than two videos.
  • Copy operation of videos from another playlist (this action deletes before all the current videos).