Welcome to joomtv 6 support area

[ v. 6.x ]


Joomtv 6 permits to use spaces or extern servers for the visualisation and the save operation of contents. Users or administrators can upload videos and Joomtv transfer directly to your CDN and save all the required links. For this functionality the component needs a service that permits the data transfer by using the FTP protocol or SFTP. For the management of FTP accounts and for the correct assignment of credentials to services owner users, are available two pages accessible from the left menu: FTP Server and FTP User.

FTP Server contains all data for the video's upload and for the save operation of the correct paths into the video item. By taking a detailed look:

  • Server Name is the server's name that is visualised during the select operation of available servers.
  • Account FTP includes:
    • Host
    • Username
    • Password
    • Port
    • Secure FTP
  • FTP Path is the route where will be placed the file, the path starts from the root folder of the FTP account (example: /web/images/stories/joomtv/).
  • 4. Final URL is the URL where the file will be accessible without the filename. It's possible to use both RTMP protocol and HTTP protocol (example: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx/images/stories/joomtv/).

All this data are send to you by e-mail if you bought or recive included in your membership plan the Vod "Streamtv" Service.

FTP User allows to define a user connected to the FTP servers made into “FTP Server”. It contains:

  • The field for the user selection.
  • The FTP Server field of multiple type, that permits the selection of all FTP connections that the user can utilize.