Welcome to joomtv 6 support area

[ v 6.x ]

Access your admin control panel ex. http://www.mywebtv.tv/administrator.
Click on Components->Joomtv 6 -> Configuration and press Vod tab, set Show or Hide in VIDEO INFORMATION SETTING -> Show social. This is a global settings and affects all video if single video settings are inherited.


[ v. 4.x, v. 5.x ]

Access your admin control panel ex. http://www.mywebtv.tv/administrator.
Click on Components->Joomtv and press Options button on the top right page.

Press On demand tab, and press Show or Hide on Show sharing option.

The social icons (or social share integrations) are:

  • facebook share comments or facebook page video sharing
  • google plus sharing
  • twitter sharing

Joomtv show (or hide) all social icons and interactions under current video stream.