Welcome to joomtv 6 support area

[ v. 6.x ]

Access your admin control panel ex. http://www.mywebtv.tv/administrator.
Click on Components->Joomtv->Video and press New button to upload new video, or Edit if you want check an existing video.

Choose Remote -> URL -> HTTP  Tab and insert the http string url of your video, confirm pressing Import button. For details and other settings see Upload and convert a video to MP4


[ v. 5.x ]

Access your admin control panel ex. http://www.mywebtv.tv/administrator.
Click on Components->Joomtv->Video and press New button to upload new video, or Edit if you want check an existing video.

In general information you can:

  • set video title
  • select video category
  • multi selection of related video
  • set hits number, or reset it
  • set video grade, or reset it
  • set a video description

In the same view, you can retreive information from a external video on a cloud server via http. Press HTTP Cloud and follow this steps:

  • copy and past remote video URL (ex. http://www.externalserver.com/repository/video.mp4) over External video field
  • press Import button
  • if video exists and available, Joomtv retreive video information and preview thumb
  • press Save button to save information and retur to list view

Note: Joomtv not transfer video on web server, so do not remove remote video. If the remote server is down, Joomtv will not show the video.