Welcome to joomtv 6 support area

[ v. 6.x]

Access your admin control panel ex. http://www.mywebtv.tv/administrator.

Click on Components-> Joomtv -> Video and press New button to upload new video, or Edit if you want check an existing video.

Chhose Youtube Tab and insert the youtube string url of your video, confirm pressing Upload button. For details and other settings see Upload and convert a video to MP4


[ v. 4.x, v. 5.x]

Access your admin control panel ex. http://www.mywebtv.tv/administrator.

Click on Components->Joomtv->Video and press New button to upload new video, or Edit if you want check an existing video.

In general information you can:

  • set video title
  • select video category
  • multi selection of related video
  • set hits number, or reset it
  • set video grade, or reset it
  • set a video description

In the same component view, press YouTube tab and follow this steps: