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[ v. 6.x ]


In this new version of Joomtv the module is the only one that includes, as shown into the “content type” TAB, all the functionalities of the older modules (of the Joomtv 5) by adding new functionalities:

LIST (New in Joomtv 6)

The module of which the “content type” is “List” has the possibility to show as List content:

  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Palimpsest
  • Live

In these order types, available into the TAB “List content -> List Selection”:

  • RANDOM (at every charging of the page the order changes casually).
  • JOOMLA ORDER (the order is the one defined into the Joomla's elements list).
  • RECENT (the parameter that affects the elements order is the publication date).
  • MOST VIEW (order based on the visualizations number or hits of the element).
  • MOST COMMENTED (if it's enabled the comments plugin).
  • MOST COMMENTED for the CHAT (if enabled the chat's comments plugin for the LIVE element, the elements will be ordered by the comments number).
  • MOST RATED (the most voted from the users will be at the top of the list).

For the LIST functionality it's important to select the “Destination menu item”, that is to say the menu item where to show the choosen element in "List content -> Type".


It's possible to show also a single element by choosing between:

  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Palimpsest
  • Live

For every of them it's possible to define the view settings. The module, also, makes available alternative layouts (available into “Content Type -> Layout”) to differentiate the visualization mode of the element.


This functionality permits to show the categories tree and how much elements they contains. The CATEGORY INFORMATIONS are available for:

  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Palimpsest
  • Live


By selecting a playlist or a palimpsest, the module shows the video list planned for the current day.


The module is usable as the normal Joomla's modules: publication/remove-publication, templates position, menu item where to show it.

The settings of the contents are implemented as shown here:

- Tab “Content type” where is possible to select the layout and the content's type:

  • List
  • Element
  • Video list
  • Category

- When you had choosen the content's type you must continue on the related tab for the specific settings of that content:

  • You have to continue by entering into the related tab: List content, Item content, Video list, Categories.
  • For every one there are specific settings or general.

By choosing to show the list in carousel mode (the parameter “Show as carousel” = YES) will be possible to act on all settings into the dedicated Carousel's tab.

The style of the module is defined into the CSS file of the component Joomtv 6: potential modifies on the CSS style of the component will affect also the module.