Welcome to joomtv 6 support area

[ v. 6.x ]

By talking about live, we mean the management of the elements for the live streaming. Now are managed video streams from media servers that releases RTMP protocols (Real Time Messaging Protocol), HLS (Http Live Streaming) and from Youtube. Every live element includes: Title – description – thumb image – category. Moreover there are specific fields to add functionalities:

  • Date Start – permits the insert operation of date and hour: If the date still has to happen, will be shown an image with the countdown; when the countdown finished, the page will be reloaded and will show the live.
  • Duration: this field permits to set up the duration of the live and is used to insert the lives into the playlist (allowed function only if you are using the player JWplayer).

It is possible to manage directly the insert operation of the URL addresses of the stream, both RTMP and HLS by using the 4 fields (2 for RTMP and two for the HLS) located on the right into the insert Live view. The urls data are sent to you by email if you buoght own "Streamtv" live stream service. 

Regarding to the Youtube's lives, it's needed to insert the URL of the live as shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPNTC7uZYrI where “BPNTC7uZYrI” is the ID of the video. By clicking on the “upload” button will be loaded directly from Youtube all the public informations (title, image, description).

Joomtv provides a frontend view of list type and one of single element type, but the insert operation and the modify are available only into the backend of the component.