Joomtv upgrade version 5 > 6

The new 6 version of the component Joomtv is totally renewed to provide you features that you can not belive, we introduce plugins for customize the page with the widgets that you prefer and one all purpose module, easy and powerfull.

So we rebuild Joomtv, but unfortunatly all old modules are not now compatible and component upgarde replace Joomtv5 but you will lose all settings and playlists.

Is insted possible to import the videos from Joomtv5 to Joomtv6,  following this steps:

Attention, Logikamente is not responsable of data losing, so we advise to backup your website before any upgrade and use a test area to upgrade and setting up the new component.

  • installing Joomtv6 without delete Joomtv5
  • Joomtv 6 -> maintenance ->"Fix db JTV5 -> JTV6"
  • Insert the video an thumb folder used in Joomtv 5
  • Start the procedure