How to install joomtv marketplace theme

The Theme is composed of two packages:

  • Template Package File.
  • Full site including Joomla CMS, Joomtv and the Template.

Template Package File requires Joomla CMS already installed, the steps for installation are in this guide.
After installation you have to set the module positions properly. Zip file contains also the image that shows the modules position.


The Full website is to prefer when you don't have a website and you need a new installation of Joomla CMS, the result is the same of the live preview of the Theme.

The website package is the full installation package of Joomla with already Joomtv 6 and the Template installed.
In thi case the installation are the same of Joomla Full Package explained here, is important to upload the files to the server in binary mode with your FTP client.

Package is provided with Joomla 3.6.2 and Joomtv 6.0.0, remember of upgrade last versions of both and enjoy of last features and security Patches.

After installation Jwplayer video player need a key to be activated, You can get your own free key here, the key for jwplayer 7 is to add in jwplayer plugin.
Remember, Flowplayer video player plugin can't play youtube/vimeo videos in playlist without additional plugin and the package include only youtube videos.