Joomtv 6 features. What's new in joomtv 6?

Joomtv 6 is an auto-installing component for the Joomla CMS. It contains all the modules and the needed plugins to build a webtv. The component needs (to make available all its functionalities): CURL and shell_exec but the lack of these requirements limits only some functions and not the whole component.

The component considers and manages 4 basic elements:

  • Video (VOD: Video On Demand);
  • Live (Youtube live or RTMP / HLS livestream);
  • Playlist (ordered sequences of VOD and Live);
  • Palimpsests (TV channels, elements with planning on more days, scheduled management and planning playlist with drag and drop calendar).

The component uses also plugins for the view of contents, for the chat, comments in frontend and the rating of every element. The Joomtv 6 modules and the plugins makes customizable the component as you want.

Specific functionalities: Maintenance.

There are also specific functionalities made to facilitate the use of Joomtv and the maintenance of the component. These functionalities are located in “Component -> Joomtv 6 -> Maintenance” where we can find:

  • Libraries and server settings: Dashboard to be always updated on the last version of the component and the used libraries.
  • Upload from folder: The possibility to make the massive import of the videos into the “images/” folder; the videos have to be of MP4 type and codified into H264-AAC.
  • Upload from external: The import operation of all videos provided as a URL list, one for a row, the URL has to contain both the protocol (HTTP, RTMP) and the extension (only “.mp4”). The videos have to be MP4 and have to be codified into H264-AAC.
  • Joomtv log: Log page for the debug of the component. The lenght and the characteristics of the informations can be setted up into the component's settings.
  • Fix db JTV5 -> JTV6: A migration tool that permits, after the installation of Joomtv 6 into a website with Joomtv 5 installed, to make the fix of the database to transfer all videos from the old component to the updated component.

Here you can find all features between joomtv version comparision. For further informations about joomtv 5 and 6 migration, please read how to migrate to joomtv 6.

Feature Description Version
MP4 conversion When you upload a video from local machine, joomtv convert it to mp4 format. Joomtv accept follow extensions:
5.x, 6.0
Vimeo(*) / You Tube import Add a video through copy and paste http url from YouTube or Vimeo platform. Joomtv retreive title, image and description, video length from both platform directly.
(*) Build palimpsest with Vimeo video is not available in current version and also insert own logo on vimeo video.
5.x, 6.0
Crop / Resize video during import Cropping or resizing functions are available during video import, from local machine or CDN node. You can decide to keep original video ratio and original framerate or edit both 5.x, 6.0
Thumb video preview After uploading or http import video, joomtv make a thumb image preview (jpg format) 5.x, 6.0
Video preroll Add video untill one, for example a video advertisement 6.0
RTSP (*) / RTMP support Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) and Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) are supported for live streaming and recording.
(*) RTSP coming soon
5.x, 6.0
HTML5 / Flash Players switch to HTML5 or Flash where supported 5.x, 6.0
Full responsive All component views an players fit size with device resolution 5.x, 6
Logo brand Joomtv show company logo over players where you can customize skin 5.x, 6.0
HTTP share video Share a video through a simple copy and paste of http url 5.x, 6.0
CDN management Manage repository remote nodes and decide where upload video or where video is stored 5.x, 6.0
Palimpsest management Compose daily palimpsest of contents videos easily with drag and drop scheduling interface: joomtv change hourly each video automatically 6.0
Calendar view Compose monthly palimpsest with a drag and drop calendar view 6.0
META Informations Each element, video, live or palimpsest channel has meta title, meta keywords and meta description settings 6.0
Full Embed Video/Palimpsest Export and embed your videos with player and informations using provided iframe 6.0
Multi Live management In Joomtv6 live streamings are a simple items that you can insert into playlists and palimpsests or use them as a standalone items. 6.0
Live preroll Video/Image Insert an image or play a video before live streaming starting 6.0
Wowza/U-Stream/Livestream support Broadcast services that provide an RTMP or HLS string can be supported. 6.0
YouTube Live integration Supported via Youtube string url, the youtube live is an joomtv live item that can be inserted into a playlist or a palimpsest. 6.0
Live event on Scheduled Palimpsest The joomtv6 live item can be inserted into a scheduled palimpsest. 6.0
Module Description Version
JWPlayer plugin The World's Most Popular Video Player 5.x, 6.0
Flowplayer plugin Minimalistic, yet full-featured HTML5/Flash video player. 6.0
Comment plugin Add comments to your videos 5.x, 6.0
Content plugin Show content of you videos 5.x, 6.0
Chat plugin Add instantly communication with viewers by a chat related to you videos 5.x, 6.0
Like / Dislike video rate plugin Rating you videos for statistics purpouse 6.0
All in one module Manage easily all your modules 6.0
Free installation We install your webtv for you 6.0
RTMP / VOD DRM Broadcasting Adding Digital Rights Management (DRM) you can decide who can view your videos 6.0
LIVE Broadcasting Include broadcast service for full live video streamings 5.x, 6.0
Joomla! HOSTING The full hosting service with all settings configured for a ready to go webtv 5.x, 6.0
Support Ask us all your technical questions. We support your joomtv experience 5.x, 6.0