Upload, Convert, Play and Share your Video


HTML5 & Flash

Thanks by player plugin (JWPlayer and Flowplayer), show video on smartphone, tablet, pc desktop and smart TV.
Full responsive and logo branded

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Convert to mp4

Convert avi,asf,mpg,wmv,mov to mp4 file.
Automatic image preview gerating from video, store video on external cloud via FTP

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CDN, share from cloud

Import video from external cloud.
Transfer your video from YouTube, Vimeo or other manged cloud via HTTP or RTMP, comment and share to social media

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Preroll video

Select a preroll video / image from local repository or remote.
Usefull for video advertisement, video preview or promotional for example

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Schedule your Playlist and make Palimpsest


Start easy your playlist, compose palimpsest with all available on demand video by drag & drop easy.
Joomtv automatically calculates the start of each video, whenever you changed the departure time of the video scheduled.

More scheduled playlist can be front-end displayed, so user can select and access to favorite thematic playlist, with each starting date and time. Back-end calendar view, so you can schedule palimpsest easy.

Furthermore, you can insert live moment (from live YouTube also) within palimpsest!

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Broadcast your Events on Live stream, every time and everywhere


streaming-desktopBroadcast back-end player
Administrator can connect many webcam or advanced direction system. Setup band, quality and bitrate.
Full RTMP and HLS support and full Wowza media streaming compatibility
straming-mobileBroadcast Phone & Tablet
Use most available app for iOS or Android to broadcast events.
Live streaming display may be http
or rtmp, depending on configuration settings.

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